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• DEHP Free Safety Infusion set.
• Clear, glassy vented spike fits tightly on all container types,
ensuring easy insertion and removal.
• Larger and longer drip chamber to fit firmly in the hands,
with unique center ring which ensures gripping.
• Soft, see-through clear DEHP free PVC tubing.
• Advance, handy roller clamp for efficient control.
• An innovative, hydrophilic filter membrane ensuring
Air Stop safety in case of emptied fluid container.
Maintains the tubing completely filled with fluid.
• Provided with a protective cap lined with a hydrophobic
membrane placed on the Luer Lock fitting, stops fluid
leaking and protects against contamination. This prime
stop automates priming and ends messy dripping.
• “Y” injection Port for extra medication.
• Compatible with all infusion pumps.
• Box of 10/ Master Box of 200.

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