About Us

Barisal Surgical started its journey in 1987 with the vision of making a positive impact on the lives of healthcare professionals and patients. As a proud distributor of five internationally renowned companies, we offer a product range of more than two hundred. Barisal Surgical is committed to upholding the quality of its products, and as a result, we have gained the trust of different famous hospitals, doctors, patients, and concerned authorities. Our goal is to make health and quality of life accessible to everyone.


We have a team of highly skilled, motivated, and well-trained marketing professionals who possess broad knowledge of our products and marketing techniques. Our marketing campaigns are backed up by significant technical research, and we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients by focusing on their needs and guiding them through the business processes. We believe that ethical marketing is key to our long-term success, and we work diligently towards building our reputation every day. We are confident that our efforts will lead us towards a leadership position in the industry.

Our Showrooms

Macca Surgical Narket
18/2 Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1000

Gaffur Tower
17/2 Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1000

A N Collection
Rizia Mansion
34/1 Mitford Road, Dhaka-1100

New G.S. Surgical Center
Sardar Medicine Market
53, Islampur Road (Babu Bazar), Dhaka-1100

Barisal Surgical (Barisal Branch)
1 No. East Bogra Road
Barisal Sadar, Barisal